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We have made it our mission to make simple baking with natural ingredients accessible to all. Starter cultures are the basis of every sourdough. No matter where the product focus is in your company (mild, sour, sweet, aromatic or salt reduced), we can recommend you on the basis of various baking experiments in our house, the right starter culture and the corresponding provider.

TST 100 - Also with this system, dough properties can be realized in combination with the biotechnology and the equipment technology for dough and kneading, which offer the user a clear plus for taste and consistency.

Events 2019:

bakTAG 2019: From 21 to 22 May 2019. In the Eisbach Studios Munich.


Master baker and Sales consultant wanted.

Lifting function for optimal emptying and cleaning of the TRK 300, TRK 600 and TST 250-850 systems.

Partial and full automation Option_A and Option_B based on the compact machine TST 850.

11.07.2019: Technologie & Information Day. Information can be found here !


° On request, the acceptance of your system can be done before delivery under production conditions in our house !

° We are realistic - With regard to our compact systems TST,TRK and TRB, we do not use CIP systems for cost reasons but also for ecological reasons. Accordingly, an effective and quick cleaning is not possible only automatically. We average 80%. For the remaining 20% (about 5 minutes), as of 2019 a hand-cleaning system is basically installed and coupled with one of the water inlets.

° Conversion to environmentally friendly temperature control technology - Natural refrigerants, ecological and sustainable !

° Standard podium ladders or service ascents are also included from 2019 in the delivery !

New presentation of our development in terms of remaining bread & leftover dough processing. You will find our stand number shortly on this page.

der Teigmacher - In cooperation with our renowned business partners, we conceive and produce high-quality and efficient machines and equipment for dough production. One focus in the future will be, among other things, the development of facilities for residual bread and residual dough processing.

The satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to develop or test your products in our company or in your bakery.
Of course, in both cases, our competent and experienced dough technologist is at your side.

With regard to process control, we have completely revised the control technology with our new business partner Strelen Control Systems. Our new 3-point temperature measurement in conjunction with intelligent and adaptive control (including self-optimizing temperature control) guarantees reproducible product quality at all times. During the development of our new control system according to the most modern standards, much attention was paid to an uncomplicated and user-friendly interface. The visualization is done on a 15" industrial screen.

Control Technology Strelen Control Systems - Constructive and Production Implementation MBComponents - Dough Technology and System Technology of der Brotmacher - A symbiosis that focuses primarily on the product quality of our customers. During the cooperation with der Teigmacher and our business partners, you will find that the engine for our actions is the search for the optimal solution for your individual needs.

Whether roasting and cooking with the preservation of complete roasting aromas (eg flour cooker, grainswell) or the production of predough (eg wheat pre-dough) or sourdough (eg rye sourdough)  while saving or completely dispensing with baking aids, our motto is:

"With modern machines back to the origin".

- Long dough guide ➩ Better tolerated bread -

A good dough takes time. Depending on whether a predough is used or not, it needs phases in which it can rest and phases in which it is processed. Only if he gets that time will certain minerals (eg sugar) be broken down. Only then can the fiber and the starch contained in it swell properly and be better processed by the body. For this reason we develop in cooperation of the bakery der Brotmacher solutions and manufacture accordingly machines and plants.

There is still a lot to do for our website. Nevertheless, we would like to provide these in advance. We will continuously optimize our pages over the next few weeks and supplement them with original images. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.

TRK 250, the basis of our product lines;

Commissioning of a roasting and cooking plant TRK 250;

Pre-dough and sourdough plants;