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Our system for beginners -Sourdough plant TST 100(kg/dough)

With the combination of biotechnology and the plant technology for dough and kneading dough properties can be realized, which offer the user a clear plus for taste, consistency and kneading. Thus, the best conditions for an optimal baking result are given. Since we would like to offer you an interesting price - performance ratio, the TST 100 is a simplified version. Accordingly, among other things, weighing cells and automated cleaning are dispensed with. The weighing of your products is done in advance by hand and cleaning with the included high-pressure cleaner.

Like all our systems, the TST 100 system for beginners is characterized by the newly developed 3-point temperature measurement with intelligent and adaptive control for optimally reproducible dough quality. In addition, we have begun with the consistent conversion to environmentally friendly temperature control technology. Accordingly, we also use a product that works with natural refrigerants and therefore ecologically and sustainably in our smallest system.

The system TST 100 we offer in contrast to our other versions only with underframe housing. As far as the high-pressure cleaner supplied is concerned, it is generally easily accessible with a holder in the outside area (Fig. 1). As a hygiene-friendly alternative, the device can be stored in the underframe housing (Fig. 2).

 Fig. 1: High-pressure cleaner with holder in the outside area;

Fig.2: Storage of high-pressure cleaner in the underframe housing;

 3D- animation TST 100;

Drawing TST 100;




A cleaning program is stored in the control. If this program is selected or activated, the function of the limit switch is deactivated. The agitator can now be rotated during cleaning even with the manhole open by two-handed operation of the push button.

Podium ladder & service ascent

Although we do not offer a specific podium ladder version for our beginner TST 100 system, it still guarantees trouble-free operation and cleaning of the system. Depending on the agreement, either a standard podium ladder or a simple aluminum service ascent is included.

Podium ladder aluminum 560 x 700 - stand height 520;

Service ascent aluminum stand height 400 - floor space 520x305;

Current original pictures of the TST 100 will follow shortly;

Storage of high-pressure cleaner in the outside area;

High-pressure cleaner with holder on the underframe housing;